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INDIBIOTM products range and solutions can be categorized in two categories:


The Life Sciences Research products offered by us include Wireless Telemetry System for small animals and Neuro Bhevairoal Research System like: Startle response system, Active and Passive avoidance system, Open field activity monitoring system, Home cage activity monitoring system, Rota rod system, Place preference system, Grip strength meter, Video tracking system, mazes and enclosures for neurobehavioral studies.


The 3D Bioprinting products offered by us include FABION 3D Bioprinter from 3D Bioprinting Solutions, Russia which has been rated continously as the best Bioprinter and Rokit Invivo bioprinter which is most versatile Bio Printing Hardware in the market.

INDIBIOTM provides best Life Science Research Instruments used in Behavioral Neuroscience Research and produced by San Diego Instruments, USA. SDI is a name synonymous with high quality and precision.


3D Bioprinters

For Life Science Research and Bio Printing


Telemetry Systems

Behavioral Instruments

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Advanced solutions for Wireless Telemetry of Physiological Signals from Lab Animals manufactures by Kaha Sciences are available in India through INDIBIOTM.

This Wirelesss Telemetry System is one of the finest commercially avialable systems.

INDIBIOTM  represents 3D Bioprinting Solutions and ROKIT in India for their range of Bioprinters, Bio Inks and other bio printing solutions.

Our Bio Printers are the most advanced and versatile biofabrication devices.