FABION is a 3D bioprinter of original design by 3D Bioprinting Solutions, Russia and make for printing live and functional tissue and/or organ constructs, allowing precise layer-by-layer deployment of tissue spheroids (bioink) in hydrogel (biopaper) according to a programmed digital model. Thanks to the unique design and engineering solutions developed by the 3D Bioprinting Solutions Laboratory, FABION is a truly universal bioprinter.


It is designed for printing live and functional 3D Tissue and Organ Constructs.


The original design and engineering solutions embodied in the bioprinter are based on the specifics of the proprietary 3D bioprinting technology. In several features, FABION is superior to commercially available bioprinters.


Rokit 3D Bio Printer

FABION Bio Printer


Rokit INVIVO as the most innovative and up to date bio 3D printer, allows users to create versatile 3D cellular structure with multimaterial and extensive design. By covering synthetic bio polymers such as PCL, PLGA, PLLA and various hydrogels for scaffold generation, Rokit INVIVO is an optimized tool for many of biomedical research with its modular system and sterile environment.

To be concrete, INVIVO users can choose two out of three types of nozzles (extruder, mechanical dispenser, hot melt pneumatic dispenser) with additional temperature control function (-4°C ~ 80°C) to optimize INVIVO for their own research purpose. Rokit not only provides medical grade PLGA, PLLA, PCL filament for INVIVO Extruder, but also gelatine based photo-curable bioink called Invivo@gel for printing wide range of soft 3D cellular structures with Invivo dispensers.

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